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Shreeji Education trust a registered trust which was established in 1993 by Mr. Mahendrabhai Shah-a visionary director. It is managed by board of directors comprising eminent educationist & administrators. The trust is acclaimed for its achievements, by providing quality education for more than two decades through its regular & residential school. Shreeji education trust has shaped destiny of thousands of students who have been empowered to change the course and dynamics for their families & business by creating a world for themselves and those around them.

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Dear One and All,

Ambe group of schools are known for their dictum - "Exploring excellence by enlightening young minds in the field of education". The institution has achieved glory and success since the time of its inception, because of its pragmatic principles and wholehearted commitment towards the pursuit of imparting excellent education in a stress free environment.

It has always been our earnest endeavour that each academic session heralds new academic accomplishments, culminating in top honours not only in the GSEB/CBSE conducted Board Examination but in State and National Level Sports tournaments also. We sincerely follow the fact that-'Every child is biologically programmed to learn, if a congenial environment is provided to tap his/her hidden potential.

We are known to be Pioneers in incorporating innovations into the system and the smooth and successful adoption of the new CCE Pattern is a testimony to this fact. A child is never a passive recipient of knowledge and information but an active participant in the process of learning here.

Here,for students, Maths is not an object of procedural hiccups but a source of delight because of the ultra modern techniques of teaching and learning, Science is not a complicated phenomenon but an expedition of delightful discoveries and innovative inventions supported by ultra modern audio-visual aids, vivid demonstrations and lucid explanations, English is not a matter of mindless cramming but an eventful expedition. It includes communicative discourses, lectures, debates, declamations, radio shows, extempore and elocution competitions etc to train young minds to face the challenges of the Global Competitive World. In the consolidated analysis, the excellence of the school is evident in its student strength which gets magnified every year.

We are always ready to incorporate all innovative ideas to explore excellence and it is a matter of honour for us to tread the path of excellence with devotion and dedication. I thank the Almighty for showering His blessings upon us and pray that we achieve greater heights. Comitment towards the pursuit of imparting excellent education in a stress free environment.




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About us

Shreeji Education Trust

  • G.S.E.B (ENG)

  • G.S.E.B (GUJ)

  • C.B.S.E


Shreeji Educational trust a registered trust was established in 1993 by Mr. Mahendrabhai Shah a visionary director.

It is managed by board of directors comprising eminent educationist & administrators. The society is acclaimed for its achievements, by providing quality education for more than two decades through its regular & residential school.

Shreeji education trust has shaped destiny of thousands of students who have been empowered to change the course and dynamics for their families & business by creating a world for themselves and those around them. With dedication of 24 years by the management towards teaching learning fraternity Shreeji education trust is providing all round development to the students.


Our mission is to serve and empower the youth of this country and make a difference by giving high academic standards with balanced curriculum which will transform potentialities into realities.The aim of school is to provide a challenging purposeful education that makes tangible differences to children’s development and future opportunities.

  • To provide a secular, caring & disciplined environment for all the learners.

  • To be ethical and transparent in all its activities.

  • To develop self-esteem in students in students as learners and as persons.

  • To possess the skills the communication, decision making, problem solving, accountability and leadership.




  • Education is not merely disseminating information on various academic subjects, but it means the wholesome development of a human being.

  • With, dedication of 23 years by the management towards teaching learning process AMBE VIDHYALAYA stands as one of the best residential schools in the state with best facilities for sports.

  • Ambe Vidhyalaya provides the most conducive atmosphere for the all-round development of the students.

  • The Method 'learning by doing' never lets the students feel academics is monotonous, rather makes it an enjoyable experience for them.

  • We believe that acquisition of mere facts is not education. Education means imbibing values new ideas and their implementation in life. It is one of the highest activities and pleasures known to man.

  • Our atmosphere helps the students to inculcate values and enjoy the feeling of discovery in their learning experience here at Ambe.

  • Excellence is the hallmark of our academic record as the school enjoys the reputation of being the best institution with best results both in 10th and 12th classes since its inception. For the holistic development of the students we have adopted continuous and comprehensive evaluation system which is in full swing in our school.


"The small moon can eclipse the great sun. We too, can do great things if we set ourselves in the right place at the right time...

Every thought we think, every deed we do, after a certain time leads to success, so to speak and live in a potential form and emerges again bearing its results. These results condition the life of man & man moulds the society. Educational institutions too are always the result of benevolent thought.

Thus, the objective of an ideal institution should be to develop compassion, understanding, and love, knowledge, nurturing the talents & shaping the innocent minds into real & practical humane.

Ambe fraternity absolutely believes in all these ideals and executes them in reality, in the process to prepare the best future citizens who glorify the name of institution, city, society & above all the country on International arena.

We aspire determinedly to focus on building positive attitude & healthy atmosphere, set clear agendas for the smooth functioning with high expectations & providing the platform to bring those dreams into reality.

Moreover, school is symbolized as the second home of the child where he/she learns every lesson for future-life with discipline & dedication, thrusting own self to the availed opportunities & turning out to be an excellent all-rounder academically, ethically, morally & culturally. Being equipped with extra-ordinary traits the student plunges into practical world extending his/her appreciable contributions that the humanity awaits & for which Ambe fraternity strives incessantly.

About Ambe Public

We are located at Sama-Savli Road away from the industrial zone. Campus and building is highly in accordance with the requirements of an educational institution; very peaceful and convenient for guardians and students.

Education must enhance the human beings. We allow our students to imbibe the rich customs, traditions & our value system. Along with enriched past, we mould our children to face the future. It is one of our mission, to see that each and every child realises his/her talents to the fullest. Time spent at school under the guidance of trained staff enables pupils and teachers to understand their needs for not only academics but physical, mental & emotional development as well.

School being co-educational allows the pupils to understand human relations better. For overall development, students are exposed to various co-curricular activities and sports during school hours.

Discipline at the primary stage, is formulate rather than corrective. Rules are always kept simple. "Praise rather than punishment" serves to educate in the positive way so that the child is encouraged to develop self-discipline.

Rules change to reflect change in time, but principles behind them remain unaltered. Easily adoptable rules are followed to enable a student to become a good citizen.

We believe that every child is a unique person. Child's own wishes are carefully considered. Children have very sensible views about what is best for their own development. So they are consulted and guided rather than instructed.

We, at Ambe, have child friendly atmosphere that facilitates in enhancing the overall personality of the students through motivation and reinforcement. The students are encouraged to grow and expand their capabilities.

"For achieving excellence the sky is the limit." At Ambe Public School, the challenge lies both within and outside the classrooms not only to impart information and old skills, but also to train the students to comprehend and evaluate the new, and to understand things in both local and global contexts. It has been rightly remarked that "There are only two lasting bequests we can give to our children-one is roots and the other wings." It is to this philosophy, the school is committed to.

Parent-Teacher meetings are organised to create a better understanding to adapt themselves to the changing concepts of education and child development in the home and in the school.

From the Desk of the Principal

It is a universal fact that in the overall ambit of life, a person armed with a good education is bestowed with an advantage in the quest for success.

Ambe public school is committed to a vision to prepare the students to accept the challenges of life by providing them quality education for their intellectual and emotional growth, the focus being on one goal 'success'. We believe that every child has the potential but it has to be elicited by tremendous hard work both by students and teachers, as we all know that there are no short-cuts for success and no substitutes for hard work.

We feel very happy to be a part of a grand establishment. We are serving here true to our potential to transform the young ones into a potential source of knowledge, energy, strength, and a catalytic force to metamorphose the social fabric.

  • Our Vision

To nurture progressive thinking individuals and to prepare global citizens committed to humanistic values and democratic traditions with strong Secular ethos.

  • Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a vibrant forum for quality education, with a scientific temper, adaptive to the changing needs of time, to ensure all round development of the children and expose them to a wide spectrum of co-cultural learning which is essential to make the child confident and ready to step out in today's challenging world.

  • Motto

The motto of our school is 'path to success'.

On our path towards our destinations, we grow in character, in wisdom and strength. It is where we acquire the traits of a successful person. It is our endeavour to mould our students to be compassionate, progressive and professionally successful human beings; responsive to global culture and heritage.

Aims and objectives

  • We aim to develop the mind & soul of the child.

  • To build ideal citizen & good human being.

  • To help the child to become self-confident, committed & diligent.

  • Demarcating children education.

  • Providing access to high quality education.

  • Setting and maintaining standards in child education.



































20 And Below





  • Value Education has been made an integral part of Curriculum as it is our firm belief that an intelligent mind without the virtues of empathy, sympathy, benevolence, honesty sincerity and truthfulness is like a beautiful flower without fragrance.

  • To achieve the prime objective of imparting Value Education, various activities are carried out. In the Morning Assembly, every day, a student is made to present a thought provoking dictum followed by a concise explanation.

  • At least twice a week a speech is given emphasizing the importance of moral values in life. This process culminates in the Play presented in our Annual Function. These plays leave no stone unturned in magnifying the virtues of Universal Brotherhood. Democratic Outlook Tolerant Temperament and Fair and Square approach in the diverse pursuits of life. And it really is heart-warming when our students reflect the impact and influence of these value education based events in the actions and reactions in their day to day life.


Ambe Public School, is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is the largest educational board in the country and is duly recognized by the Department of Education, Government of NCT Delhi. Evaluation and assessment will be done as per CBSE guidelines.

There will be two terms in one academic year.
First: - April to September
Second: - October to March

The student will be evaluated on a 5 point scale given below spread over the academic session.

(Click Here To Know More About Grading System Of CBSE)











Fee Structure

SCHOOL FEE (G.S.E.B 2020-21)

  • Fee Details
  • Nur. to Std. VIII
  • (With Nasta Fee)
  • Std.IX
  • Std.X
  • At the time of Admission
  • Rs.7500/-
  • Rs.7500/-
  • Rs.7500/-
  • June-2020
  • Rs.5500/-
  • Rs.4500/-
  • Rs.4500/-
  • August-2020
  • Rs.4000/-
  • Rs.4500/-
  • Rs.4500/-
  • October-2020
  • Rs.4000/-
  • Rs.4500/-
  • Rs.4500/-
  • January- 2021
  • Rs.4000/-
  • Rs.3000/-
  • Rs.3000/-
  • February 2021
  • Rs.2,200/-
  • Rs.2600/-
  • Rs.2600/-


Science Lab

Science Lab is equipped with Biology/Chemistry & Physics equipment’s and materials required for students with models to explain scientific concepts. The APS Science lab is a place for learning, experimenting, exploring and relating theory to practical learning. It gives an opportunity to young minds to satisfy their science related curiosities.

Mathematics Lab

The Mathematics Laboratory is an Experimental & Logical thinking playground for young scholars. To facilitate and engage the students in a variety of hands on learning experiences, the students and teachers have put together models and gadgets in the laboratory.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab is well equipped with Internet and multimedia provisions, one computer for one student, APS provides the appropriate platform to the students to be future technocrats. Technology greatly assists teachers in classrooms to teach difficult and abstract subject matter concepts effectively with the right digital instruction materials, supporting technology infrastructure.


Instead of learning by rote, pupils are encouraged to have a deeper understanding of the subject through digital classes. Classrooms are Air-conditioned, aesthetically planned, well ventilated, providing environment which is conducive to learning. They are equipped with White boards, Audio-Visual & LCD projection to facilitate the learning process. CCTV in all classrooms and other areas to enhance the efficiency of the system.

Music and Dance Studio

APS gives Performing Arts a special place at curriculum and co-curricular arena. Performing Arts provide student self-expression and interpersonal skills. Every student finds expression to his or her rhythm and thereafter, hones these talents from contemporary to classical.


Library offers a wide range of resources to its members. These resources are provided to caterthe specific academic needs of the members. The libraries have a well selected collection of Books, Journals, Periodicals, Newspapers and Audio Visual Media. New additions are constantly made in order to keep the library abreast of the latest.

Audio-Visual Room

Audio-Visual room equipped with sound and multi-media facilities offers a comfortable environment for various activities. All departments use it actively for exploration into the world of knowledge through films, documentaries, e-based learning programmes, project presentations and more.


An auditorium brings rich and new perspective to the exciting, expanding and evolving world of education and adds value to the school’s curriculum and provides an emotional outlet for students. A fully equipped auditorium with the state of art audio-visual facilities' with seating capacity of approximately 600 students is available. The sound proof auditorium hosts numerous activities, workshops, award functions, interschool and interschool competitions.

Medical Facilities

A well set up infirmary with doctor and nurse on the campus. Nursing assistance is available on call, round the clock. At the time of admission, a thorough check- up is done.

Dining area

We serve a wide range of balanced meals to cater to different tastes. It is clean and spacious enough to accommodate all the students and staff together. This is where the children learn table manners. Multi cuisine is offered & is recommended by the dietician.


The campus is fully secured with 24/7 IP camera based security and round the clock guards on duty. No trespassers are allowed.


Co-curricular activities are catalyst for the students to discover and develop their talents and interests, students are encouraged to participate in areas of their interest, be it Art Music, Drama, Quizzing, Public speaking, Yoga, Skating, indoor and outdoor Games or any other that the school offers.

All students are encouraged to participate and are ensure that their Academic, sporting and creative interests are balanced.

Annual concert is one of the major events of the year. Maximum participation of the pupil's is encouraged during this mega event. This concert is a fusion of Indian & Western music, dance with drama, ballets, and mimicry.

Celebration of Republic Day & Sports Day are other events wherein again the entire Ambe Parivar participates. These are the events where the students showcase their physical talents.

These events are organised on large scale so that each and every student gets an opportunity to exhibit his/her talent, at the same time team spirit and confidence is developed in them.


Pursuit of Excellence in academics is the primary objective of our school.

A comprehensive and well balanced curriculum has been developed keeping in mind the highest international standards to open minds and break barriers and boundaries that confine learning. The curriculum is planned to achieve a balance between search for understanding and knowledge of essential skills.

The formative years of schooling are critical hence, stress is given on basic skills in the 4R's Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Discovery. The curriculum is planned to achieve a balance between search for understanding and knowledge of essential skills. The development of positive attitude and positive action are also included in the curriculum.

The stress of examinations is done away within the formative years of child's learning.

The Evaluation is a continuous and comprehensive evaluation spread over the entire part of Academic Session and it is done in an informal manner. However formal evaluation methods are adopted along with informal methods in higher primary classes.

To deliver the highest quality education we have a highly qualified and trained staff with optimal teacher-student ratio of not more than 1:36 enabling the teachers to give personalised attention to students. We, at Ambe Public School, recognise that attentive teaching and care enriches and developing brain, fosters multiple intelligences, good attitudes and a love for learning.

The management emphasizes on in service training of the teachers to broaden their horizon and to meet the challenges in and out of the class-room.


Spacious playgrounds for volley ball, basketball, badminton and other outdoor sports. Students are encouraged to participate in all kinds of sports and games for physical fitness and mental alertness. Facilities for games like volleyball, hockey, cricket and basketball are there. Adequate infrastructure and safety equipment for the field is available. Yoga, meditation and regular fitness training are part of our daily regimen. Rooms are well it & properly ventilated for Indoor games.

Pre Primary Wing

We provide a vibrant atmosphere, a home away from home, where emphasis is on conceptual learning and creative inputs for building a strong foundation.

The teaching is child centred and is tailored to the individual need of student by involving skills and neuro motor development. The curriculum stresses on socio-emotional aspect, creative expressions, aesthetic and cognitive skills. Excellent and qualified team of teachers use play-way methods and bring out the hidden talents in children. The teacher-student ratio is kept as low as 1:36 to give personalized attention. The brightly lit and well decorated classrooms, full of colours are a joy for the little ones. The activity rooms are a child's paradise with toys, games, puzzles, doll house. It transports the children to a Fairy Tale World where they get to meet Cartoon Characters and Fairies.

The swings, slides and the Play Station are the areas where they have unlimited fun. Frequent Educational Trips bridges the gap between education, excitement and fun.


The hostel facility at present is available separately for boys and girls. The students are placed in dormitories in accordance to their age. They follow a prescribed schedule which is strictly adhered to, in order to bring about discipline in their routine and create a healthy routine for a lifetime. Hostellers are fully provided with beds, wardrobes and study desks, offering our students a clean, comfortable and homely environment. A spacious common room offers computers, LCD TV and other entertainment facilities to students. Nutritious and healthy meals are served in a neat and hygienic environment. The House Parents of the boys and girls hostels provide a caring environment to all students. In addition, experienced supervisors ensure special care of younger students. Medical facility is available in the campus round the clock.


School Type:


A teacher at Ambe Public School is much more than a source of wisdom and knowledge. He/she is a leader, motivator, facilitator, friend, guide, role model and mentor The faculty at Ambe Public school is a highly dedicated and professional team; with the special qualities of patience, understanding and sense of belongingness that distinguish a good teacher. They are dynamic, relaxed and enthusiastic with the ability to create a friendly atmosphere in which the child can express himself and learn. Teachers, as facilitators, guides and counselors encourage the development of each child by providing security & warmth and emphasizing on self-discipline. Never satisfied with tried and tested measures, they take and feel delighted in creating more effective ways to explore and share knowledge thus breathing life into their teaching, thereby, enabling the children to go beyond rote learning.

Our teachers are here because they love teaching, they love kids. All this is possible because of our continuous and comprehensive In-Service Orientation, Teachers' Exchange Programs, Education and Training Programs for Teachers through self- motivated school based activities and incentives. These programs are conducted, both at the beginning and in the middle of sessions. Take care of not only imparting information about changes in syllabi & latest trends in education but also tackle issues like stress management, improve communication, effective teaching methods etc.

Smart Class

Our classrooms are comprehensive solutions designed to assist teachers in meeting with their day-to-day classroom challenges and enhancing students’ academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of technology. 

Ambe Public School’s classrooms help teachers to ensure that every child in the class is learning, given the wide diversity of learning styles in the classrooms. Smart Classes simplify the problems of teaching abstract curriculum concepts that are difficult for students to visualize or relate to, through the provision of three-dimensional, interactive multi-media modules. It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class with innovative use of technology.


The school's curriculum is structured in such a way that the Foundation and Primary Section (classes Pre Nursery-V), evolves into the Middle section (classes VI-VIII), which in turn matures into the Secondary and Senior Secondary Sections (classes IX-X).

Pre Nursery to UKG (Age 2 to 5 Years)

Young children in this highly sensitive and impressionable age are very carefully initiated for the teaching learning activities under the care of well-groomed teachers with pedagogical training. Highly motivated mother teachers take care of the emotional side of students. English, Mathematics and Hindi are the core subjects, music, painting, computer-science, physical education and dramatics are the part of Co-Curricular and outdoor activities that stimulate the mind and body.

Young students are introduced to English Language, Basic Mathematics and Hindi through the play way methods.

Homework and written exercises are discouraged; chalk and talk are replaced by audio-visual aids, language labs, and open air theatre and storytelling sessions. This process enables young minds express themselves in English at a very young age.

Interactive Mathematics teaches students to count, measure and weigh at an early age. Well- equipped Math lab facilitates students to learn through touch, feel and play. English is the medium of instructions and monitors the thought process. Hindi is taught as a second language with the sole aim of serving the utilitarian aim. From the second to fifth year of age a student can attain a level of proficiency to read and understand two letter words. Writing skills are developed in the next higher age group.

Grade I to V (Age Group 6 to 10 Years)

At primary stage English, Mathematics, Hindi, Science are taught as main subjects, Social studies, drawing, Computer-Science are also introduced at this stage. Games, Arts and Craft, Dance and Music are an integral part of the curriculum. Special emphasis is laid upon Cultural and Co-Curricular activities for the all-round development of the child.

Grade VI to VIII (Age 11 to 14 Years)

In addition to the subjects offered at the primary level they study one additional language, which can be Sanskrit, Punjabi, French, or German language. To cater to the increasing number of foreign students we have developed resources to offer French and German as third language at this stage. Life skills, work education and visual and performing Arts are an integral part of the co-scholastic areas at this stage. It is mandatory for each student to become a member of clubs/ hobbies, which help to develop literary and creative skills, scientific skills, communication and leadership skills amongst students.

Grade IX to X (Age 14 to 16 Years)

At the Secondary Stage the students prepare themselves for their first school evaluation board examination which is based on continuous and comprehensive evaluation of their scholastic achievement called Formative assessments & Summative assessments in the subjects of English, Second Language, Social Science, Mathematics and Science. The students have an options of French or Hindi as second language. English is the medium of instruction for all the subject.

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Adress: Nr. Sama Jakat Naka,
Sama-Savli Road,
Phone: 7573810091, 7573810092
E-Mail: ambe_mshostel@yahoo.com

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